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  1. Gas metering station:

Natural gas is taken from the low pressure system in Phu My (PV Gas-D), goes to the CNG plant through 6" pipelines with pressure 22 Barg.  Gas flow is controlled by the gas inlet metering station.

Metering system is designed to automatically update the gas, pressure, temperature, displaying the information in place ​​and transmission to the center (GDC) to calculate the Gas volume.

  1. Compressor station:

From metering station, Gas is led into CNG compressor station to refill the tube trailers  (cylinders) with the capacity of compressors are as follows:

  • The capacity of the compressor from 2000 to 2500 SM3/h.
  • Specifications:

-      Flow: 2000 to 2500 SM3/h;

-      Input Pressure: 14-22 barg;

-      Output Pressure: 200 to 250 barg;

-      Gas Inlet temperature: 10-40 ° C;

-      Power: ≤ 370 KW/h/machine.

  • The compressor is controlled by PLC to control of operation parameters such as pressure, temperature, gas leak, vibration ... to ensure the safety during operation period.
  • The Fire and Gas system is installed In the control room. The sytem's signals (gas detectors, fire detectors, smoke detectors, heat ...) will be controlled and sent to control system for witching devices when having problems (shutdown valve, stop compressors, activate siren, warning lights,..)
  • The compressors and control systems are designed in compliance with international standards and standards and regulations of Vietnam to ensure the safe conditions of operation and tested annually.
  1. Filling station:

At filling stations, Gas is filled into the cylinders (composite, steel) to transport to customers with cylinders volume is as follows:


  1. CNG cylinders:
  • Composite cylinders 20 ft:

-      The total volume of 01 CNG cylinders is 17m3;

-      Working pressure is 250 barg.

-      Composite cylinders 40 ft:

-      The total volume of 01 CNG cylinders is 34m3;

-      Working pressure is 250 barg.

-      Steel cylinders 40 ft:

-      The total volume of 01 CNG cylinders is 18   m3;

-      Working pressure is 200 barg.

  • The equipment is regularly tested to ensure the safety.

  1. Tube traillers:

The tube trailers are complied with the strict regulations of dangerous goods transport, fire and explosion. Also, they are registered and inspected on time follow the law, standards and regulations of Viet Nam to ensure safety and prevent fire and explosion during transportation and storage.

  1. Pressure reducing unit at customer site:

The trailers take CNG to the customer place. (PRU). From here, gas with pressure of 200 to 250 barg is taken from cylinders (on trailer) and went into PRU system to reduce pressure by 2 stages (stage 1: reduce pressure to 60 barg, stage 2: reduce pressure to 2-7 barg) and supply for customer as request.

PRU system is designed to comply with international standards and the standards and regulations of Vietnam law. The system is controlled by PLC, controlling problems, gas leaks by the emergency shutdown valves (SDV), safety valves, gas detectors; The gas delivery volume is controlled by the metering system. This system is tested annually.

  1. Gas using devices of customers:

Customers install the Gas using system which uses the Gas pressure from 2-4 barg.


Gas Inlet Metering
Gas Inlet Metering


Gas compressor
Gas compression plants


Gas filling stations
Gas filling stations

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Control room
Control room


CNG Tanker
CNG Tanker


Pressure reducer unit (PRU)
Pressure reducer unit


Transporting CNG to customers


Pressure reduction equipment


Providing to customer'
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