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: Công ty Cổ phần CNG Việt Nam

: CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company 

: CNG Vietnam

: 7th Floor GAS TOWER, No 61B, 30/4 Street, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City

: Phu My 1 Industrial Zone, Road No 15, Tan  Thanh  District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau

:+84-254 – 3574618

: +84-254 – 3574619

: www.cng-vietnam.com

: info@cng-vietnam.com

logo CNG

Mission and strategic goals of CNG Vietnam

  • Developing rapidly the market of consuming CNG in the fields of industrial production, transportation and urban apartment buildings.
  • Meeting the demand of CNG for industrial consumption households, apartment buildings and transportation.
    By 2015 its production will reach to 250 million Sm3 of CNG supplying to the market.

Main Functions and tasks of CNG Vietnam:

  • Producing, transporting and distributing products of CNG, LNG and LPG.
  • Providing services of improvement, maintenance, repairing and installation of conversion equipment for vehicles, machinery and equipment using CNG, LNG and LPG. 
  • Providing services of construction, installation, maintenance and repairing of gas works.
Process of formation and development of CNG Vietnam

CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company (CNG Vietnam) was established on May 28th, 2007, by the shareholders of the PVGAS South, DMC, PV Gas D in the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Corporation and some other companies in Vietnam as Habu Bank, IEV Energy ( Malaysia) contributing capital to establish. CNG Vietnamspecializing in producing, transporting, distributing compressed natural gas (CNG) to serve the plants using thermal energy during production and processing; serving for the apartment buildings and used as fuel to replace petroleum in the transportation industry.

Gas Tower

The first CNG factory of CNG Vietnam is located at Phu My I Industrial Zone, Baria - Vungtau Province with capacity of 30 million m3 of gas per year (equivalent to 33,000 tons of LPG per year) was put into operation from September 3rd, 2008; The plant will be developed and expanded to meet the needs of customers in each period and reaching the target of raising capacity to 250 million m3 of gas per year by 2015.

CNG Phu My Factory

CNG Vietnam is a pioneer in popularization of CNG products in Vietnam, is an advanced technology solution “DELIVERING CLEAN ENERGY TO YOUR DOOSTEP” will help Enterprises reduce fuel costs, contributing to environmental protection.

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