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Annual customer conference 2017 and celebration for the 10th anniverary of establishment of CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company (28/05/2007 – 28/05/2017)
Implementing the strategies for the development and product diversification of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group/ PetroVietnam Gas J.S.C, CNG Vietnam J.S.C was established on 28/05/2007. CNG Vietnam officially became the first company for distributing the compressed natural gas - CNG products in Vietnam. Since then, by the mission of "Distributing clean energy everywhere", CNG Vietnam is as a green pedestrian for the our country, and has built the green planet together.

Until now, 28/05/2017, CNG Vietnam J.S.C has been 10 years of contribution, formation and development. The growth of revenue and profit over the years has affirmed the position of the Company in the continuous distribution and development to become the leading CNG supplier in Vietnam, lead in the technology field and lead in CNG market share.

Looking forward to the 10th anniversary of the company's establishment, CNG Vietnam J.S.C has organized sports and cultural exchange activities in football, tennis, scissors, jump rope and flora arrangement. .. that attracted the enthusiastic and exciting participation of all employees, customers and other companies in the same fields. The sport festival is a healthy playground to improve the physical strength, exercise and improve the union spirit among athletes, and that the company's employees, partners and customers have the opportunities for exchanging, learning and focusing together on the sustainable development of the Company in the next phase.

In additions, CNG Vietnam J.S.C also held the Annual Customer Conference 2017 and the 10th Anniversary of the Company’s Establishment to mark the past developing process with many difficulties and challenges but also a great proud. This is also a chance so that the company expresses its deep gratitude to partners and customers who have always accompanied and cooperated with CNG Vietnam on the mission to bring clean energy to all regions of Vietnam. The ceremony took place in a solemn, warm & friendly atmosphere

The new journey still ahead, and there will be new difficulties and challenges. But we believe that the enthusiasm and will of Managers Board, employees of CNG Vietnam, and the cooperation, sharing and concomitance of managers at all levels, partners, customers, the “CNG Vietnam” ship will continue to be stronger to pass the strong waves and conquer new successes and challenges.

The opening ceremony of the Sport Festival


Art Flora Arrangement Contest

Tennis Awards

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